Hug a Nurse

So….I just finished a six day (or should I say, night) stretch at work.

For six days, I spent more time with my coworkers than my family. More time caring for strangers than the people that I love.

I’ve been cussed out, proposed to, shamed, and thanked.

I cared for a man who had shoulder pain for THREE YEARS….in the Emergency Department….

How can anyone possibly live through a three year emergency????

By the end of my fourth night, I was tired.

Night five….angry? defeated?

Night six….I don’t even know….maybe a little of everything at one point or another.

This is the life that I chose. What I’ve always dreamed of. I love taking care of people. I love learning and growing as a nurse.

But….if any of you know a nurse….hug them for me.

We love what we do, but we want to go home. We want to talk to our families….eat dinner with them….be near them. We don’t want to miss out on what’s going on. New boyfriends or girlfriends, grades, smiles, laughs, cries….

Our families have those too. And we want to be a part of them.

Our compensation for spending valuable time at work….away from home….is so simple.

Seeing patients and their families healing.

Hearing “Thank you.”



We don’t require much….and don’t receive it often….but the smallest of things are so very big to us.

So, do me a favor….

Hug a nurse today, will ya?

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